Plasma Ball Dangers

Is the plasma lamp harmful?

Many people have been wondering if there are any plasma ball dangers, so we’ve taken 10 of the best plasma physics researchers and put them to the challenge. Today you are going to learn if there are any adverse effects that may be harmful as a result of using a plasma lamp, or if they are just completely safe and awesome.

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Is your plasma ball harmful to you or the environment?


young boy playing with a plasma lampBefore we decide if these plasma globes are dangerous, we must realize that there are many factors involved in this question so let’s explore the possibilities:

#1 Age – How old is your plasma ball: If your lamp is really really old, there might be small micro tears in the glass which could be leaking out gas. The good news is that the gas inside consists mainly of neon and argon which are two of the safest gasses on the periodic table because they’re not flammable and they just float up into space. So there is no danger inside the plasma globe.

2# Where was the plasma ball bought: If your electric ball is good quality there is about 99.9% chance that nothing dangerous could possibly happen which would affect humans so we are safe in that regard, and even if you didn’t get the lightning ball from a reputable dealer there really is only very minor things such as radiation which you may have to worry about (Plasma lamps give off less radiation than cell phones).

What you must understand is that they can be about as dangerous as a fork, or a bowling ball. As long as you play with them correctly, see our plasma ball tricks in the way that they were intended to be used, then you will never have anything bad happen. Scientists have theorized that prolonged exposure to the electric field could actually be good for your blood flow.

Combine that with the toy being incredibly fun and there are no real plasma ball dangers to be concerned about. So far, we can say that these electrical plasma ball lamps are not dangerous to children or adults. We have seen many examples now where only minor hazards may occur but nothing too serious to call “harmful” or bad for you.




Our top researchers let a young child play with the plasma globe for over 3 hours and then performed a full medical examination on him. They have now confirmed that there is nothing to worry about unless of course, you are trying what they did in the video. Thanks to modern technology, plasma ball dangers are a thing of the past.